Adding Custom Row actions in interactive grid Oracle Apex

Below is the sample piece of code which should add a new action in the interactive grid.

Put it in “Execute When Page Loads” section at the page level.

Make Sure to add some static id  value to the interactive grid and use that below.

var view = apex.region(“#region_id#”).widget().interactiveGrid(“getViews”, “grid”),
menu$ = view.rowActionMenu$;

// The following will add a new menu
label:”Close Case”,
icon: “fa fa-close”,

// The action can be simple , as below where  i am submitting the page,redirecting to //another URL and setting some values for the items in the Target page
action: function(menu, element) {
var record = view.getContextRecord( element )[0];
var val1 = view.model.getValue(record, “CASE_NUMBER”)
apex.submit({request : ‘CLOSE_CASE’,set:{“P700_CASE_NO”:val1}}


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